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A Bit About Me

Your Body, the Way You Want It

Finishing school/college I went and spent time in the french Alpes skiing which is a huge passion of mine and when I came back I came straight into working in the fitness industry. Sport and Fitness has always been a huge part of my life. I play weekly rugby to a high level for Trojans’ 1st team and I therefore understand the requirements of staying at the top of your game. Through my training I have learnt many things but the main thing that I take away from my training is that it makes me feel better and more energised. I want to help people get the same feeling out of their training as I do. 

My aim is to help you enjoy your training as well as making it challenging, I will be there to motivate you if you need motivation, to further your knowledge about different training methods that may benefit or interest you, educate you on how to have a healthier more inclusive diet. Help you enjoy your food while still being able to reach the goals that you have set yourself, regardless of your lifestyle and work schedule. Seeing people reach the targets and goals that they have set themselves is something I love being a part of and want to help as many people as possible achieve those goals.


What I Do

The Fast Track to Fit


Strength Training

Learn to perform exercises correctly, efficiently and safely so you can build the strength that you want. No matter whether you have been training for years or if you are a complete beginner. 

Body Measurements

Fat Loss

 I can help you understand how to lose any unwanted body fat and give you the tools you need to keep it off. 


Muscle Building

If you are looking to build muscle and change the shape of your body then let me help you by giving you the tools and understanding of how to do so. 

Cross Fit Class

Small Group Training

Small Group Training is a great way to get many of the benefits of personal training while also being able to go through the process with the support of a group environment. 

Female Tennis Player

Sports Specific

I have worked with a number of people looking to train specifically for a sport to improve their performance. Ranging from Squash, Rugby, Footall, Ice Hockey. 

Chicken Breast

Nutrition Coaching

Let’s work together to reach your goals by devising the best nutritional approach.


Prices and Packages


Gold Package

Gold Package - £235 per month

2 x Personal Training Sessions Per Week 

Personalised Training Programme

Nutritional Guidance 

Weekly Check Ins 


Silver Package

Silver Package - £130 per month

1 x Personal Training Session Per Week 

Personalised Training Programme 

Nutritional Guidance 

Weekly Check Ins 


1-1 Personal Training

1 - 1hr Session - £30


Online Coaching

£40 a month  

4 training sessions a week + weekly check ins 

Nutritional guidance and coaching.


Group Training

Prices ranging depending on numbers. Please enquire for more information.


May Offer

Free 30min consultation + 1 Free 30min Personal training session


Client Testimonials

“I have been having weekly sessions with Toogi now for getting on for two years. He is always positive and supportive. He pushes me and has built my confidence. I am now the fittest and strongest I have ever been.”

“You've completely changed the way I think about my body and my workouts, which is huge. You acknowledge that the battle is mental as much as physical and you really get me! I would wholeheartedly recommend you to everyone (and do).”

“You have helped me reached my goal not only by pushing me during the sessions but with advise and guidance for nutrition and lifestyle that I can use in between our weekly session”

“You're really intuitive, knowing how much to push me from one week to the next and when to tell me to give myself a break - mentally as much as physically! The PT session is a focus, but you look at my week as a whole, holding me accountable while also supporting me and honestly, you have made and continue to make a hugely positive difference to me, for which I'm truly grateful. Savour this in black and white, because next time you're pushing me to go lower on my lunges, I'll still swear at you! ;-)”

“It is demanding, physically challenging and varied. As a result I can now lift and complete workouts I would have never felt I could do.”

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